Callie Beuermann’s Escapril Experience

In April, I thought it would be fun to emotionally extend myself beyond the usual level of angst involved in studying creative writing, and produce a poem a day for a month.

I attempted Savannah Brown’s challenge called ‘Escapril’, having loved her poetry and internet presence for a while. The prompts looked good, and I felt l like I hadn’t written enough poetry lately, so I went for it on my current poetry account – @wordsbycallie.

Previously, the format of my poetry posts had been an image and the poem written in the caption. I found this was not the most exciting set up and did not engage with the form very well, so I started writing the poems on some film photos I’d taken. This artistic style shifted and changed throughout the month, and I had a lot of fun working out the feel of each poem and which image would work best with it, and how I would arrange the poem on the image.

Some were quite straightforward; white or black text written as I wrote the first draft:


Others relied more heavily on the format to convey a feeling:

And others ended up looking different to the rest:

The biggest challenge with Escapril was the emotional energy required to write a poem every day for 30 days straight. Some days were easier than others, and I would write three in one day, but others were more difficult. It was a good way for me to learn how to force myself out of writer’s block – which I had to do three or four times. The only way I was successful was when I just started writing. I had to just write and write until something good came out. Along with this, I started trying to pair the prompt with a prompt from a different list, to get my creative juices flowing.

I was lucky enough to have one of my poems shared on the official Escapril account. This was a poem I wrote for the prompt ‘Happy place’. I wrote this about an emotional happy place – somewhere that felt simultaneously fictional and very real for me.

View this post on Instagram

by @wordsbycallie.

A post shared by escapril (@letsescapril) on

Not only did this challenge help me develop as a writer, it also introduced me to many other poets on Instagram, and I discovered this gorgeous community where everyone supports one another and has only lovely things to say. Art can be so isolating if you let it – find your community, and see where you fit into it.

By Callie Beuermann



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