Callie Beuermann’s Escapril Experience

Guest writer Callie Beuermann shares her experience writing a poem everyday for a month.


When I Had a Grandpa by Jenny Hickinbotham

He never let me call him Grandpa. He was Hick.   At the dinner table Hick pushed my baby brother, pushed him away, under the table with his foot. My baby brother had stammered out… Granpa…gran…   Stephen’s nose hit the table leg he started to scream.   Grandpa put his nose in the air.…

Risking It All by Jenny Hickinbotham

Some cards weren’t sent, when you were born,   into sisterhood.   You must try to be dumber than the boys, mother insisted.   It’s not that you can’t leave her. No one can take isolation, be an island.   Support, care, belief LOVE, that’ll make you someone.   He said, either you do, or…