Callie Beuermann’s Escapril Experience

Guest writer Callie Beuermann shares her experience writing a poem everyday for a month.


Love and Other Schizoids by Sam Hasell

I found my therapist at 3am, yakking wine up in the toilet bowl. She’s crying and I’m laughing and we’re all down for kicking on. She tells me stories, which I label as delusions, but grandeur, that’s my type of drug. These days it’s all about consumption and we’re very rarely sober, playing dice-games with…

Crimson Skyline High Tide by Samuel Nicolaci

The sun rises at crimson dawn, bleeding over ancient hills. A valley translucent amongst trees. The fate of those subject to human will linked side by side in the company of stones scattering a barren desert. The will of the world. The will of human instinct is all that creates and all that destroys. The…

My Pearl and the Dying Girl by Samuel Nicolaci

We sailed our bodies across water, Splitting calm and crashing into shoreline, She said, “I could live this way forever, baking salt and sea into my scales.” She said, “I could live here all my life, because life is light and light around here is infinite.” My pearl and the dying girl, My pearl and…